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Family portrait by Cliotna Family portrait by Cliotna
From left to right: Horos, Nepthys and Seth Ihhario as kids. They are sisters/brothers. And drows. Seth was the one on my picture called ''Overworked'', though there he is already adult.
I love Seths and Horos's hair ^^ Seth looks like Near from Death Note on dark backround, but Horos looks good on white backround. Nepthys's hair are ok too...I guess.
These three are the last ones of Ihhario bloodline. Seth was one of the main characters in my story ''Hunt-haldjas'' (Wolf-elf). I wanted to write a sequel to that story, but... I have a lack of motives.
They were so cute, when they were kids ^^ Horos is already wearing a pony tail, and Seth has curly hair (later he started to hate those hair and now he uses litres and litres of hair gel to keep them under control :P).
I think Seth doll is my favourite. And that thing on his hands is not a towel. It's just somekind of really creepy part of his cloak sleeve. I am not completely happy with Nepthys' outfit and I had to edit the base awfully lot so it would be the same height as Seth and Horos. :)
Seth is a beautiful name, but I am afraid that Horos is already too big of a hint to Egyptian mythology (which I don't know anything hounestly).

Anyway. A little bit more information about these three:

Name: Seth Ihhario
Current Age: Unknown
Birthplace: Ihhario castle, near North Mountains.
Current residence: Ihhario castle.
More information: Is a rather loner and choose to stay in the castle, even when his parents died and brother and sister left. Alignment would be neutral good.
Favourite colour is violet (lila)

Name: Horos Ihhario
Current Age: Unknown, but is older, than Seth
Birthplace: Ihhario castle
Current residence: Kings castle, in main city.
More information: Left after his parents died and is now on a rather high position in goverment and trying to get even higher. Thinks Seth is a fool and if he'll ever see his sister again, he will probably kill her or get killed himself. Alignment would be neutral evil.
Favourite colour is unknown.

Name: Nepthys ''Nemesis'' Ihhario
Current Age: Unknown, but is younger than Horos.
Birthplace: Ihhario castle
Current residence: Unknown
More information: Left her birthplace before Horos, when her parents died and took his brothers staff with herself. Staff is a rather powerful magical object with a wooden owl and huge, red stone. Because she took it, her brother Horos hates her, but Horos doesn't have any idea, where Nepthys is and he is even not sure anymore, if Nepthys is alive or not, so he cannot do anything. Nepthys's alignment would be neutral.
Favourite colour is blue.

^ But this is all future. Now they are cute little children.

Seth was one of the main characters in my story. Horos would come to the sequel of the story, which I'm probably not going to write and Nepthys will be lost forever in my stories, though I am using her as a roleplay character sometimes.

I would like, if you'd comment and say, what do you think about it. And how old are they on this piece in your opinion?

I like drawing and pixelling elf-like creatures, but their pointed ears is a pain in the arse. (:

All the (highly edited) bases are from Shouri : [link]

Enjoy and comment plz ^^
Cliotna Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2007  Student Traditional Artist
They are drows. Dark elves. Not black elves. They have to be like this.
yo-nas Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2007  Hobbyist General Artist
Uu,the age...I think it depends on how do you count the age of black elves.By the way,why are they black?Anyway I like it and I think there is nothing wrong with it.
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