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Subeta Masquerade Chibis
'Tis been four years since I've posted Subeta stuff. So, here's some forumartworks I've done for myself over time. 2012-2016, with one year missing inbetween for some mysterious reasons.
Masquerade is a yearly site event. Pretty much my favorite time of the year since the whole "zombies versus humans" plot went a bit stale because it's a good excuse to dress my avatar up in elaborate clothes and hound art threads.

2012: Is technically already in my gallery, amongst the forumartwork compilation I posted back in 2012. Marks the start of my hobby of dressing my HA up as a bishounen (just evening the gender ratios). Occured shortly after a major cat-craze had swept the ZHA community, forcing a certain UWO member to describe us as "the house of pascifists and frolicking kittens".
2013: Huh. Apparently I was a robot back then. The kitten's all grown up though.
2014: No artwork of that period, but I started out with my 2012 outfit and then moved to a feminine costume inspired by 1920's and peacocks. A bit of roleplay though - leader of UWO stole one of our members, heroic rescue mission followed of which I sort of...dropped out...the way I do from roleplays sometimes. Also ZHA got a new member, whom I'd pretty much dragged in from the dance floor. Mainly because I saw his HA and knew my character would want to tap that. :P
2015: White french-inspired gentleman's outfit. Was REALLY happy with how it looked.
2016: Bronze and jade asianpunk. Victorian Europe is overrated. I can tell I'm going to miss having a hat though.
2017: Outfit that mixes cyberpunk and steampunk.
Outside is relative
I keep forgetting to upload stuff, mostly because a lot of the things I do nowadays are sketchier and don't exactly scream "MAIN GALLERY!"
Another little piece regarding Parable.
I think I need to work to give forth a better sense of space but I'm pretty happy with it so whoo, let's upload it!

Fellow players never ended up seeing my crib. :D
Parable's people live in an undergroun tunnel system. The firepit's in communal use with a couple of families living near-by. Her "house" is carved out of a natural outcropping in the cave, with one of the walls made entirely out of animal hides on a wooden frame.
The purple light is due to a material called "glow" or "pure essence". It's used in lanterns instead of fire. The plants in the underground also have pure essence in their fibers, which is why the benches and firewood have a mild glow to them.
The skull above her house belongs to a giant cave-crocodile whom she'd managed to kill on a hunting trip. It's her grandest prey and earned her a lot of recognition, which is why she's displaying the skull so publicly. That, and there's no room inside to store it.
Parable's formalwear
I made a tattoo and scar map of her as well, in a similar style, but liked it less thus it ended up in my scraps.

Parable's culture places a lot of importance on body art. You can read a lot about a person from their tattoos, which are made of a material called pure essence and glow in the dark. Pure essence is also warm to the touch and keeps one from hypothermia in colder tunnels. Nudity taboo is virtually non-existant, with clothing used only for decoration or practical purposes. Breasts aren't sexualized so she doesn't bother covering them up.

Her formalwear - which she dons during events such as religious celebrations, funeral feasts and bonding ceremonies, employs a variety of materials. There's fur tufts from a local kind of glow-in-the-dark animal, a loincloth and leg-decorations of dyed fabric with simple geometrical patterns, decorative metal discs, bits of string weaved from the silk of cavespiders, bits of carapace of a local kind of giant silverfish. Necklace and bracelets are made of trophies and memorabilia. Stuff like teeth and claws of creatures she's slain (including two 10cm long spiderfangs) as well as bone beads and vertebrae of her dead ancestors.
Her culture habitually uses bones of the dead for tools and decorations, it's merely seen as a way to give back to the community after you've passed on.

Used Posemaniacs for references


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